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7k Metals Top Collections

What made one of the greatest men in American history great? Well, in George Washington’s case we think it had a lot to do with his character, and that stemmed deeply from his childhood. The struggles, the support, and his own personal dedication to education were monumental in creating
Miss Liberty CoinsThe Miss Liberty Collection was 7k’s first collaboration with renowned coingrader and NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corp) VP, Miles Standish. Miles isresponsible for directing the stunning design on this series, which 7k producedand sold exclusively. Check out all the pieces include…
Roots of Humanity Gold Notes From the stained glass art studios of Tom Holdman come these first-of-their-kind pure gold notes depicting glass art panels, the 7 Pillars of Humanity. The proceeds of this project go to fund the stunning Roots of Humanity project–a building designed to light the heart…

US State Animal Coin Series – a series of 1oz silver coins featuring a full color depiction of an official state animal from each US State, exclusively from 7k Metals.

US State Label American Silver Eagle Series – only from 7k Metals, in partnership with NGC coin grading. See the whole series!
This gorgeous collection was another collaboration between 7k and MilesStandish. Designed to celebrate the nation’s capitol and the home of ThePresident of the United States, The White House coins tell the story of how theoriginal White House was burned to the ground by the British during a siege…
Growing Up Coin Collection This is a very unique and exciting coin collection that is only barely on its second release. Each design in the collection features an animal as it matures from young to adult. The designs are ultra high relief and come in a variety of finishes. The
Hunters by Night coin series features the 2020 black panther 2oz obsidian black proof silver coin and 2021 black panther 1 kilo silver coin
This coin series is not about super heroes from comic book universes. It is about people who dedicate their passion, skills and lives to their jobs. This series honors these role models which are often forgotten but highly important for all of us.